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Focusing on one thing at a time is not what today’s world preaches. Multitasking, that’s the ticket. Well I can’t, never could, don’t want to and according to science – it’s not possible. Therefore it has taken me a very long time to finish a number of projects that I have been working on one-thing-at-a-time, in small pieces.

Bobby Beck (of the famed Animation Mentor online school) and I have been talking about converting my Simplified Drawing for Planning Animation book to an ebook or app. Not so simple. It has to be bigger, more information about animation principles, and sample animation for blocking in a shot from detailed planning, new drawings for action analysis. Easy, I can do that, I can focus on that, for…a few minutes. No, it is underway. Some demo animation is done and new drawings completed, even some philosophical ramblings about animating force.

I just finished the cover for my first novel.

There has been some interest shown in my supernatural thriller screenplay ‘Torso’. Actors and producers are kind of tingly about it and I’ve been advised to toss it at CFC (Canadian Film Center) in their development program.

I’ve been scribbling designs for a children’s book that I wrote last year titled ‘Monster Following Me’. I’ve probably missed this year’s Halloween market so I’ll shoot for Easter 2013, we need a good monster book for Easter.

The novel is an action adventure for young readers and written with animated feature film in mind. It will resonate with all ages. ‘Resonate’ – I don’t like that word but it’s the catch word with those in the know. ‘Tooza, in Betweenland’ is finished and will be released as an ebook within weeks. I’ve chosen to go the self published ebook route after endless amounts of research and advice, legal advice. The story of Tooza started many years back and has certainly evolved – lessons learned. Some pretty cool lessons that I’ll write about when my to-do list gets shorter.

I’ll post the logline, elevator/twitter pitch along with a synopsis next week.

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