My New Suit

From a dream about slipping into a new suit, a new life.

Fan Mail

(this arrived today) Hi Mr. Gilbert, My name is —. I attended the Chopra Center, Healing the Heart Seminar and your video touched me deeply … Thank you for what you did for me in this short film – Namaste ~ …  Thank you to everyone who helped create Let Go. ILM supported us in many ways. I’ve lost track …

Creativity Blocks

Robert McKee said that there is no such thing as writer’s block, there is just a lack of inspiration. Inspiration most often comes when you least expect it to. We can’t force inspiration to happen – we have to be open to it happening. Elizabeth Gilbert – Ted Talks Dream all of the time, don’t wait for sleep.

Story or entertainment?

Does anyone care if a story is told in a film? Is entertainment enough? Should film makers respect their audience?

Einstein’s Dreams

Inspriation from a book titled ‘Einstein’s Dreams’ by Alan Lightman. He speaks of people hiding in the shadows of different time, trying not change the future and hoping to return to the right time.    

The Lemon Drop Monster

It’s finally through formatting approval at Apple iTunes and available. THE LEMON DROP MONSTER Soon I will have a new website and a section called ‘ANIMATION THOTS’, with notes, sketches, example planning, animation and ramblings.

The Lemon Drop Monster

An early design for The Lemon Drop Monster – a tad too creepy for kids. The Lemon Drop Monster children’s picture book was created with iBooks Author and is waiting final formatting approval from Apple. Good news for iBook Author users, people will be able to read your work on iMac desktop and laptop computers. Click on picture for a …

The Lemon Drop Monster

Monsters don’t like it when you sneak up on them, even at Halloween. The Lemon Drop Monster, a children’s picture book will soon be available through iTunes as an iBook. I’ve been working with iBooks Author because of the easy formatting and submission to iTunes (well, submitting could be easier). I’d love some contacts or guidance for converting to other …