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    Weight in Animation

    Weight is described through the visual presentation of opposing forces. That’s it. Stop here or continue reading for accompanying babble and random thoughts. We want to believe that the character moved, not that someone moved the character. Force does not exist in animation. It is implied through posture, path of action, balance, timing, arcs, successive breaking of joints and on and on. It is implied by what the character does. Deciding why a character moves will reveal how it moves. Hold on, this is about weight, not force. No, wait, weight cannot be shown without the visual implication of FORCE. Wait, force and weight don’t exist in animation, there can…

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    Story or Entertainment

    An animated feature film need not have a good story to be successful. It need only entertain. Often they entertain through topical humour which has a short shelf life. If the film is a good and well crafted story it will entertain and have a far more enduring life. A good story well told is more difficult than any other aspect of writing or film making. Success through entertainment is a comfort zone that most major studios appear reluctant to leave.

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    Where did the story go?

    Does anyone care if a story is told in a film? Is entertainment enough? Should film makers respect their audience? “Movies should be a positive expression that there is hope, mercy, justice, and charity” (and) “It is the film maker’s responsibility to emphasize the positive qualities of humanity by showing the triumph of the individual over adversity.” Frank Capra Look beyond the words by Frank Capra for the creative options within them.